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Efficiently get it all.

Simply add hot water and heating to your air conditioning.

All you need for ultimate comfort

Designed for middle to large buildings, the DVM Hydro is available in a choice of two types to suit your hot water needs. The DVM Hydro HE provides water at a mid temperature of 50°C, while the DVM Hydro HT’s advanced, double compression technology generates much hotter water at 80°C. So, whatever your demands, there’s the perfect solution to satisfy the requirements of various sites.

Keeps you warm. Supplies hot water.

EHS produce water and air which are heated or cooled by a single outdoor unit. The air-to-air system achieves a stable temperature fast, while the air-to-water system delivers hot water to radiators, under-floor heating and domestic hot water.

This cost-effective and eco-friendly technology is contained in one external fitting, so it is ideal for environments where space is limited.

Keeps on working well below freezing

Stay comfortably warm when it’s freezing outside. The performance of a general Heat Pump worsens in low temperatures as the refrigerant pressure decreases. The DVM Chiller’s Flash Injection technology increases the flow of refrigerant at a cold temperature. So the compressor continues working reliably even at -20°C*, delivering a supreme heating performance with a hot water supply of over 45°C.

* Based on internal testing. Results may vary depending on environmental factors and individual use

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