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Places designed to support effective learning

A lot of students spend a long time attending lectures at school. So it’s very important to create an environment that is extremely quiet and has a comfortable temperature and humidity in order to help them concentrate on their studies.

The Samsung WindFree™ 4Way Cassette generates vey low ambient sound in WindFree™ Cooling mode, as it gently and slowly distributes cool air from corner to corner. Its natural convection also means that students will not experience the unpleasant sensation of cold wind being blown directly onto their skin.

Consistent temperature and comfort from corner-to-corner of every space

The Samsung 360 Cassette has an omni-directional and bladeless outlet that expels cool or warm air across 360 degrees. And Booster Fans expel the air at much lower angles, so it spreads farther along the ceiling and drops down gently. So it effectively maintains a consistently even temperature, with a deviation of just 0.6℃, throughout the entire room. And, because it doesn’t create cold drafts, every student can feel fresh air from any spot in the classroom.

Optimum temperatures that follow the school schedule all the time

Samsung DMS (Data Management Server) allows you to control up to 256 indoor environments and airflow speeds with a single PC. It is also smart enough to predict student movements at class time, break time, lunch time, etc. to automatically create the perfect learning environments according to schedule at all time.

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