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  • New AR3000 Non-Inverter Air Conditioner

    R8 199.00

    R9 999.00

    HD Filter - Prevents fine dust particles, allergens, and airborne contamina...
    Fast Cooling - Rapidly reaches the desired temperature, so you feel comfort...
    2-Way Auto Swing - Automatically controls the air flow direction, so it eve...
    Auto mode, Good Sleep mode, Indoor temperature display and Auto restart fu...
  • Eco Heating System (EHS)

    Air to Water EHS provides eco-friendly and energy-efficient all-in-one heat...
    Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero and a low Global Warming Potential ...
    Efficient heat pump technology delivers supreme comfort all year round with...
  • Digital Variable Multisystem (DVM)

    Up to 30HP single unit capacities
    Connect up to 64 indoor units
    BMS connectable
  • Free Joint Multi Air Conditioning System

    High Efficiency - delivers top-class efficiency to help reduce costs and pr...
    Compact size - the small dimensions of the FJM outdoor unit make it simple ...
    Connect up to 5 indoor units with a single outdoor unit, so you can keep th...
    Silent comfort - Samsung FJM units produce less sound without sacrificing o...
  • High Static Pressure Duct Inverter

    Slimmest and lightest design
    75m pipe length to outdoor unit / 30m elevation
    200 CMM maximum airflow rate
  • 360 Cassette Range (Three-Phase Outdoor Unit)

    360º panel allows for heating or cooling and gently disperses air and main...
    Aesthetic design complements modern décor
    Bladeless design, increasing air volume by 25%
  • 1-Way Inverter Cassette

    World’s thinnest indoor air cooling unit
    Compact lightweight design makes installation & maintenance easy
    Blends discreetly into any décor
  • 4-Way Mini WindFree™ Inverter Cassette (600×600)

    Windfree with 9000 Micro-holes ensuring a gentle dispersed airflow with no ...
    Smart Inverter technology ensures fast economical heating and cooling
    Cools in outdoor heat of up to 48°C and warms in temperatures of -24°C
  • 4-Way Inverter Cassette

    Featuring Samsung’s Digital Inverter, it cools rooms 30% faster than non-...
    Easily detachable and washable blades
    Big blade sending cool air up to 10m thereby cooling a room rapidly
  • 4-Way Mini Cassette Inverter

    Samsung Digital Inverter efficiency saves on electricity costs
    Compact dimensions for smaller rooms
    Piping length to outdoor up to 30 metres
  • Commercial Splits for DVM Use

    Choice of 8 high-capacity midwall splits for DVM or Commercial use
    Ideal for use in schools, offices and retail stores where ceiling space is ...
    3-speed Air Flow rates up to 93 CMM
  • DVM Chiller Range

    Ideal replacement for old-style chillers
    Easy installation in smaller space
    No cooling tower required
    Can provide both hot and cold water

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