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Versatile Solutions for Restaurants

Restaurants need good ventilation the kitchen to elimate heat and odors, while dinning areas need fresh air to keep customers comfortable. Samsung air conditioning solutions are perfect for food establishments, eliminating unwanted odors and treating diners ton gentle airflow that keeps the comfortable without cooling their food.

Places designed for long-term comfort

In restaurants, people tend to be seated here and there, so they don’t intrude on each other. As a result, the whole room needs to be cooled evenly, although it is nice to have the flexibility to adjust the air flow if anyone wants to be cooler or warmer. The Samsung 360 Cassette has an omni-directional and bladeless outlet that expels cool or warm air across 360 degrees. And Booster Fans expel the air at much lower angles, so it spreads farther along the ceiling and drops down gently. So it effectively maintains a consistently even temperature, with a deviation of just 0.6℃, throughout the entire room. And, because it doesn’t create cold drafts, food and drinks stay at the ideal temperature for longer, so guests can enjoy them much more.

Energy recovery for Hot water

Ideal application such as sinks & sanitary water for cleaning dishes. Supply 80℃ sanitary water without need for an electric heater and with less energy compsuption than a bolier

Fresher smelling restaurant areas

The last thing you want when you’re eating in a restaurant is to smell lingering food odours. Samsung Outdoor Air Processing (OAP) Duct unit is an integrated ventilation and air processing unit, that combines fresh air treatment and air condition via a single system.It’s the perfect solution for a restaurant kitchen where 100% fresh air is needed.

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