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Efficent solution for health enviroments

Samsung air conditioner allow to create an efficient, healthy environment with an Air Conditioner solutions easy to mantain and use for hospital and clinics genral areas and specialized rooms.

Clean and purified air for all day patient refreshment

For high volume areas and special rooms, our AHU kit will connect Samsung DVM S with third-party indoor units in order to provide solution for special applications such as high air volume, humidity control, filters with higher ESP and free cooling.

Places where people can stay safe and well

Hygiene is the most important consideration for a patient’s room in a hospital, as well as making them feel comfortable. Samsung WindFree™ air conditioners feature various solutions that help to maintain a hygienic environment.

An optional Purifying Panel has a purification system certified by the Korea Air Cleaning Association, as it very effective at capturing everything from large to ultrafine dusts. In addition, its PM1.0 Filter is certified by Intertek as being able to sterilize up to 99% of microorganisms* using an electrostatic charger. So the indoor air stays clean and pure without having to use an additional air purifier.

* Based on the Intertek test report (No. RT20E-S0010-R).

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