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  • Medium Static Pressure Duct

    Compact dimensions: 250 mm high
    Maximum piping installation length of 50 metres ensures convenient flexibil...
    Airflow rate of up to 43 CMM provides cooling or heating for large indoor a...
  • Medium Static Pressure Duct S Inverter Range

    Samsung’s Smart Digital Inverter saves both energy and money
    Compact dimensions of internal unit ensure easy fitment
    Max pipe length to outdoor unit 20m to 50m
  • Slim Duct

    Compact design – fits snugly in restricted spaces
    Air flow rate from 4.9 CMM to 20 CMM
    4 cooling/heating models
  • 360 Cassette Range (Single-Phase Outdoor Unit)

    360° panel disperses air evenly and maintains the same temperature across ...
    Circular LED display and wireless remote controller
    Bladeless design, air volume increased by 25%
  • 4-Way WindFree™ Inverter Cassette

    High outputs with Samsung Digital Inverter economy
    3-speed Air flow rates up to 33 CMM
    EERs up to 3.14, COPs up to 4.05

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